Matt Lapp

Position: Owner
Years in the Industry: 16
Dream Vacation: Israel- to visit the Holy Lands
Interests: Running, spending time with family and summer vacations

Jason Ranck

Position: Service Manager
Family: Wife Angie and boys Carter and Colton
Hobby: Hockey, biking, spending time with family
What do you like most about your job Meeting people and working as hard as I can to make their problems go away so they can move on with their busy lives.
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Jesse Slabaugh

Interests: Church involvement, (I teach a class of 15 year-olds at the Church of Cross Keys) helping people.
Favorite Quote: “Trust God and do the next thing”
What do you like about working for JM Lapp? I enjoy the hard working environment, the team spirit and camaraderie.
Dream Vacation: Boat trip to Nova Scotia
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Donald Beiler

Years in industry: 14
Industry certificates you hold: HVAC, Forklift, gas, track-pipe
Family: five children, three girls and two boys
How did you get started in this industry? A fellow church member was a partner in the plumbing field and he got me started
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Zach Mininger

Interests: Hunting, ultimate Frisbee
How did you get started in the industry? I started delivering salt for a local water treatment company and worked my way up from there.
Dream Vacation: Ireland
Position: Technician
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Daniel Ranck

Interests: Electronics, service building projects
Hobby: Playing sports
Favorite Quote: “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein
Dream Vacation: Ice fishing in Alaska
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Reuben King

Interests: Real estate, politics
Position: Job Foreman
Dream Vacation: Travelling through Europe
What do you like most about your job? Meeting new clients and seeing old houses, kitchens and bathrooms transformed into updated living spaces
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Michael Lapp

Interest: Cars
Position in the Company: Installer/ Technician
Dream Vacation: Australia
What do you like about working for JM Lapp? Great co-workers and boss
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Michael Stoltzfus

Favorite Quote: Just do it!
What do you like about your job? Every day has different challenges
Interests: EMS and firefighting
Dream vacation: Hawaii
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